In the healthcare industry, nothing is more important than ensuring the well-being of all patients while reducing overhead costs. One of the areas many hospitals have identified as standing in the way of better service and cost management is the large amount of paperwork that comes with each new patient. Utilizing an eSignature platform, like Signulu, will minimize the time it takes to process those documents (patient forms, releases, insurance, etc.) and gain eSign authorizations more quickly, thus, bringing greater efficiencies to your workflows and improving patient satisfaction and care.

Further, because everything you do in Signulu is stored in a cloud environment, rest assured that your documents are securely managed and tracked, largely eliminating the need for manual copies and scans. Simply upload your library of documents as templates and use them for every patient as necessary without ever having to use the printer or scanner again. These improvements in workflows will free up your personnel to provide more vital services that directly affect the lives of their patients and fellow employees.


  • All records and documents may be accessed at any time and anywhere a data or internet connection is available.
  • Speed up the check-in process, especially in emergency room situations, so patients can quickly get the attention they need.
  • Patient visit and check-up reports become less of an administrative burden.
  • Free up more time for your staff to be with patients or collaborating with one another to provide an optimal level of care.
  • Improved compliance and security with encrypted eSignatures
  • Reduction in clerical and data entry errors.
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By now, you can see that our objective here at Signulu is to greatly reduce the seemingly endless amounts of paperwork necessary to care for each patient. By turning to an eSignature solution your organization will see the following direct benefits:

Doctors have a longer time for direct patient care

Patients can sign documents before appointments

Administrators can specialize in mission-critical tasks

Can decrease a considerable amount on operational costs

If you feel your hospital or office would benefit from a digital signature and document management solution, click here to give us a call or send us an email for a demo or register here for a free 14 day trial!