Digital contracts and eSignatures have quickly become an integral and essential part of today's digital world. Large cabinets filled with various files used to be a standard for many offices, but today, they are all stored digitally on servers and cloud storage.

With many industries taking advantage of the ever-expanding digital technology, it is time for the real estate industry to capitalize on the benefits of eSignature solutions from Signulu. The adoption of eSignatures makes a company agile and more in line with the online expectations of today’s consumers.

Benefits of using
eSignature solutions

  • Storage and retrieval of agreements, disclosures, and other legal and property listing documents become easier when stored and managed on the cloud.
  • No more having to make multiple copies or scans of lengthy contracts for every round of edits. Make your changes electronically, save and re-send to all parties involved to review and sign online.
  • No more waiting on and/or paying for expensive overnight and “snail mail” deliveries. Read, click, save. That’s all.
  • It is quite accessible for the staff to retrieve, access, or share files anytime andfrom anywhere.
  • Easily track the status of all documents and signers with automated email notifications and an administrative dashboard.
  • All documents eSigned by Signulu can be legally and securely verified under the scrutiny of any audit.
  • The creation of templates makes any residential or commercial transaction simpler than ever.
  • Digital contracts and eSignature solutions by Signulu provide one of the most secure ways to conduct business.
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Learn How Signulu Streamlines Document Workflow for Real Estate Professionals

Invite Clients to Sign a Legal Form in Seconds

Get Documents eSigned even On-the-go

Keep Confidential Data Protected

Seamlessly Collaborate on Documents

Make your Documents Look Professional

Achieve overhead savings on costs of paper, toner, hardware and postage.

Nobody hates the necessary evils of paperwork more than real estate agents and brokers. But, by adopting an eSignature platform like Signulu, you can reduce the time it takes to complete transactions and spend more on vital marketing and relationship-building activities. Therefore, if you are sick of printing, copying, scanning, sending, editing, re-scanning and re-sending the same documents over and over, you should give us a call today or take advantage of our free 14-day trial.